Growing up around a master craftsman Scott spent much of his time learning the skills and focus needed to repair most golf equipment. And although Woods is not made of wood anymore a decent repair can be a cost-effective way of playing your best game. Whether it's keeping your shoes once the studs have worn down or re-gripping your favorite rescue club, your gear will feel brand new again and perform at its best.


We have all the equipment needed to facilitate most repairs and with a speedy turnaround, you're likely to have your equipment back within 48 hours if not less!


We also like to take the guesswork out of things such as repairs and regrips. Most grips are already on an existing demo club, so if you want to try a thicker grip on a putter or a corded non taper grip on an iron, call in and compare with your existing equipment. 


Services we offer:

  • Grips
  • Shafts
  • Re Spiking Shoes
  • Trolley Repairs
  • Counter balancing putters
  • Lengthening/Shortening Clubs
  • Loft and Lie
  • Re Shafting Clubs
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