Trolley Repairs


Technology is great…when it works. The dramas of pushing an electric trolley, piled with the biggest bag money can buy with everything plus the kitchen sink jammed into the pockets, up what seems like a hill which has got steeper since the last time you strolled up it, because it’s stopped working.


Sound familiar?


Avid golfers who play several times a week do not want to wait a week to be without their beloved trolley for long so at Lancashire Golf Academy we can have your trolley back to you in three working days*. Not only that but we are one of the few Service Centres which test both Lead Acid and Lithium Batteries, saving you the hassle and the wait to have to mail them back to the manufacturer.


We also offer a £29 Servicing option where we make all the possible checks to the traumas of above happening.


*Based on required parts being in stock

Authorised Service Centre 

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